Sean Del Ben is a strength and conditioning expert and has been helping to create balance in my body by focusing on the muscles that are causing imbalances.  I've had many injuries throughout my life and whenever this has happened my body has compensated and started to use other muscles to do the work that the injured muscle would normally do. The problem with that is that when you recover from the injury your muscles are weakened and if you don't do proper rehabilitation those muscles may never get back to their original strength. Your body keeps compensating and this eventually leads to other injuries and tight muscles from unnatural strain.  This was a  major problem for me last year.  My muscles were so tight that I was struggling during races when the higher efforts were sustained longer than usual.

painPRO Therapeutics has been instrumental for me in regard to loosening up my body after all of the hard workouts and years of neglect on my behalf.  Apart from the highly skilled therapists that work there they set themselves apart from other companies with their amazing live online booking system that allows you to book appointments up to 15 minutes before hand.  Hard swim set has you feeling a little sore?  No problem, you can book a lunch time appointment at one of their convenient downtown locations for a quick session.  They even offer ultra efficient and intensive 15 minute sessions for those with a busy schedule and specific issues. With a name like painPRO you can't go wrong! :)

Since I started regular visits at painPRO last June I've noticed some huge improvements in regard to muscles stiffness and mobility.  Each time I go there my muscles are getting looser and making my recovery times shorter and helping prevent injuries.

Sean also does group training for endurance athletes so you can recruit some friends to train with you and get a group rate.  I have NO DOUBT that every athlete out there would benefit from working with Sean Del Ben.

Zoot Sports is a triathlon specific company so you can always be sure that you're getting the most relevant products from them.  Unlike many other companies that focus on multiple different markets Zoot Sports focuses specifically on triathlon and does it right.  With leading edge technological innovations you can be sure that you're getting the best gear available.

They supply me with all of my apparel for training and racing (including all my winter training gear) as well as wetsuits and shoes.  I've been training and racing with their shoes for the last three years and couldn't be more happy with the quality and comfort that I get from them. Zoot has a whole line of training shoes as well as racing shoes to suit all of your needs.  One of the things that I like the most with Zoot shoes is the level of comfort.  They are made to be worn without socks and don't have an annoying tongue that moves around while you run and gets in the way when putting them on.  This year I'll be racing with the new Ultra Kiawe shoe.  Their wetsuits are also amazing.  I've been racing with the Zoot Prophet for the last year.  The first time I wore it I set a new PR! :)

Compressport has been there with me since the beginning.   If you want to recover faster then you should definitely consider using some quality compression products from Compressport.  They are a compression specific company from Switzerland.  They don't make any other products.  All of their research and development is 100% focused on compression ensuring that you get the best quality and technology.

Compression wear has two purposes.  It helps you to recover faster by stimulating blood flow and redistributing blood that pools in your capillaries during training. By recirculating blood back into your heart it can get redistributed to the your hard working muscles making you more efficient.  It also helps by stabilizing the muscles which reduces fatigue over time.

Kask Helmets supplies me helmets for training and racing. You may remember them from watching team Great Britain during the Olympics or team Sky during the Tour de France. I race with the highly acclaimed K.31 CRONO and train with the incredibly comfortable and lightweight Vertigo.  The Vertigo is by far the most comfortable helmet I have ever worn.  It has more adjustability than any other helmet I've seen (and I work part time in a bike store!). The K.31 CRONO has a special shape which keeps the helmet right up against your body when you have your head down in the aero position ensuring the best aerodynamics. It also has a built in visor which you can easily push up out the way with the hinged design.

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